The Winter Palace – Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

Name of project:

The Winter Palace – Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park


Perry Scenic


Large Format 3D Rendered Artwork


The Winter Palace was a set design for the venue entrance of the Imperial Ice Stars performance space at London’s festive spectacular Winter Wonderland. One complete end of the marquee venue within Hyde Park would be covered by the set for the Russian ice skaters, with a creative brief for the set to have a theme of the iconic St. Basils cathedral in Moscow. It would be named the Winter Palace and we were tasked with including as many of the architectural features of the cathedral as possible within the design. The set design was required to meet strict technical specifications in line with health and safety regulations for the event and the physical marquee dimensions. We were also asked to consider the artwork should have a wintry feel to it in line with the festive time of year that the set would be on view.

What we did:

We began the project by researching St Basil’s Cathedral to gain visual references to its unique style and appearance. We then introduced as many relevant architectural features as possible to the concept artwork for the set design whilst also considering the dimensions and technical specs of the marquee venue.

As we began to develop the look of the set, we gained a wintry feel to the design by using a snow generation plugin within the 3D software which laid the window sills and roofs of the structure with a layer of snow.

Once the final concept was agreed the large format artwork was rendered via a cloud rendering service and printed in sections to a weatherproof material. It was then clad to a hand built timber frame to create the main structure. The rendered artwork was combined with physical 3D elements to give the set greater depth and an overall impressive festive appearance.

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