Pro Light and Sound 2017

Name of project:

Pro Light and Sound 2017


Robe Lighting


Large Format 3D Rendered Artwork


The brief for this project was to create a selection of large format rendered artwork to line the walls of the clients exhibition booth at the Pro Light and Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany. The immersive architectural theme for the artwork was a Viennese theatre style which used classically rich colours like deep reds and gold. The exterior was also to be of a classic style connecting to the interior of the booth where the event was taking place. The artwork needed to accommodate the technical specifications of the booth rig design which included a performance stage, lighting mounts and doorways in and out of the booth.

What we did:

Working in collaboration with the creative director for the project, we firstly blocked out the separate pieces of artwork for each wall of the booth in the 3D software. This acted as a visual guide in terms of position and sizing of the architectural elements that would form the artwork in later development. Whilst doing this we looked at accommodating critical details of the venue and booth rig such as entrances/exits and theatrical lighting positions in order to blend those in to the overall look of the space. With the help of technical drawings and rig specifications, this gave us an accurate base to then work further on the creative qualities of the artwork.

The style of the artwork was went through further development with client input to create the required aesthetic before going to final render with Yellow Dog render farm in Bristol, UK. The huge panels which were printed at 75 DPI when at finished size were rendered in sections before final composition assembly in Photoshop to make each piece print ready. Once final sizing checks had been made it was then printed to theatrical drapes in the Czech Republic before being transported to Frankfurt where it was clad to the huge booth rig.

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