Innovare – The Benefits of Offsite Panelised Construction

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Innovare – The Benefits of Offsite Panelised Construction




3D Animation with Voiceover


Innovare are specialists in offsite panelised construction and as part of their online marketing strategy were keen to encompass the various benefits of their building methods and off the shelf products in to a 3D animation. The brief required the animation to use visual storytelling to convey this message, whilst showing the typical processes and methods they use to reach a completed project. The animation was to highlight the end to end service they offer as a business with the end product in this example being a new school built out of their modular prefabricated panels.

What we did:

Before commencing the technical process of modelling any of the 3D environments, we first agreed a storyboard mapping out the details of the scenes which would make up the animation and exactly what they would contain. We also scripted a voice-over to enable us to gauge the timing of the animation.

Once the storyboard and script were signed off, we were able to create the scenes in 3DS Max which were modeled based on drawings and photo references provided by the client.

The animated elements of the models were based on processes described by the client and once finalised could be rendered at high resolution before final composition with voice-over and titles took place in after effects.

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