In March of this year, Archi-Vista were asked to create some large format 3D Artwork to line the walls of the ROBE Lighting exhibition hall at the 2016 Pro Light and Sound Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

The comission was a second project from ROBE after the success of a similar event at the Excel, London in October of last year.

The subject for the 3D Rendering was a ‘Piazza’ style building which could accomodate the doorways and ROBE lighting rigs which were being exhibited through a light show every hour of the event. Whilst the shows were not running the artwork acted¬† as a theatrical backdrop while the exhibition networking events, business meetings and party took place.

Nine pieces of large format 3D artwork were required, spanning distances of up to 21 metres by 7 meteres for one complete piece. The 3D architectural model used was created in 3DS Max on a 1:1 scale according to specific dimensions provided by ROBE. It was then modified for each seperate piece of artwork to fit the Exhibition Hall.

Each piece was rendered through V-ray render farm client RebusFarm at 75DPI and then composited in Photoshop. These were then printed on to fabric sections which would be sewn and joined together using velcro strips before being mounted to the walls of the hall.

The event ran between the 5th-8th April and was a great success for the company. Future events from ROBE can be found on their website.