5 Key Methods of Effective 3D Visualisation

As either a developer or other member of the property community the use of cgi’s to support your project marketing material has likely become a regular part of your sales strategy in recent years. With the progression of digital hardware and graphical software capabilities, more and more visual mediums are becoming available in the 3D rendering sector. Each medium has its individual advantages, so we have put together this article to help explain what the various possibilities are and how you may be able to utilise them in your own projects.

1.) Still Images

The original and best known form of 3D visualisation will always have its place for both print based and online marketing content. With the use of visual storytelling a good cgi has the advantage of pulling on all of a machines hardware capabilities to achieve breath taking effects and realism in a single rendered frame. This can show off your development in its best light and lends itself to being easily printed, sent electronically or shared on social media.

2.) 3D Animation

Animation brings the storytelling element of 3D content in to its own and can be a very powerful way of conveying a desired message into your marketing material. From an online engagement point of view it is also performs extremely well with research showing that video generates 1200% more social media shares than text and images combined (statistic via wordstream.com).

3.) 360 CGI’s

Using a specialised rendering technique it is now possible to produce 360 CGI’s of your property. These navigate-able images offer a complete field of view in a single window which is controlled by mouse movement to look around the 3D environment. This gives the viewer the freedom to visually explore an interior space or the outside of a building and its surroundings. The 360 content can be embedded in both websites and popular social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube making them highly accessible to potential buyers.

4.) Immersive Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gives the user a completely immersive experience via a head mounted display, also known as a HMD or VR headset. Interactive features combined with accurately modeled environments give the person the experience of being in the property or its grounds. The style and mood of the environment can be set by the 3D artist to then show the building in its best light to aid sales whilst giving the user a truly memorable experience.

5.) Composite Renderings and Animations

By using a specialised camera called a matterport to scan an existing building, it is possible to create photo-realistic virtual tours of a completed project. The camera also captures scan data from which a 3D model can be generated and then customised to display a dolls house style view of a building and its interior. This can then be rendered or even animated to produce a unique and effective piece of marketing content.

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